The Philadelphia Flower Show


The Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest and the oldest flower show in the United States. Recently my wife and I, were there taking in the tens of thousands of flowers, and the amazing artwork. They have workshops as well, including on gardening. Tomorrow is the last day, but I highly recommend it for next year.

Here are some more photographs:




Writing and All Images © Copyright 2017, ancient skies


19 thoughts on “The Philadelphia Flower Show

  1. MERCI, Monsieur Nico! sooo lovely… ❤ I couldn't "survive" without flowers… 🙂
    * * *
    “Flowers are screams of all colors and while still alive, they rush into us and leave us their color and their innocence. Watching them, leads us to the perfect life. Happiness is the art of making a bouquet with the flowers that are within our reach. Their fragrances are words of another world – flowers are the first raindrops of eternity…”(Christian Bobin – French contemporary author)

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