Love Reflections


When we first met My Love, I never knew that I would be your Spanish guitar,

and that you would be my songbird filling the air,

in the early morning dawn. And how could I have ever known

you were the answer to the questions, I had never even thought of yet?


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies


32 thoughts on “Love Reflections

  1. to my friend and his lovely family, my best and sincere wishes for a peaceful easter period…
    I hope God always preserve you as a man of Heart and Head…
    hugs, An

      1. Oh, yes, we do! It is a big celebration over here from Friday to Monday. On Thursday I invited the whole family for an Easter Brunch including an
        Easter basket search!
        Thank you, Sue! Blessings to you too 😊

      1. if you ever decide to go to Spain, lemme know and keep me posted, please… we love both continental Spain and the Canary islands… btw, we live only 3h-drive from Barcelona, olé! 🙂
        * * *
        have a fantastic week, full of joy and positive thoughts… cheers! 🙂

      2. Merci Melanie, for your beautiful words! Yes I would love Spain I’m sure and will keep you posted. Living so close must be exciting! Peace my friend and be blessed.

    1. Thank you Elias! I know this is a great comment but my translator doesn’t interpret it. Can you translate? I wish I knew more languages. Peace to you my friend and great blessings!

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