Love Reflections II


People did want to stone us, do you remember North Carolina, My Love, as they picked up the rocks? The ungodly imbedded code of hating us, our two different colors. They were blind though.

But we walked through their fire, as we always did for years later, and we reached farther, taking hold of the holy bonding. In our fire we were victorious

fooling every one of them

by getting married, and staying that way. Even though they still stare at us in Pennsylvania. 


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

21 thoughts on “Love Reflections II

  1. So sorry about what you have been through.,,, but so beautiful that you all have stayed strong and together through it all. Wishing you more peaceful days ahead! Hoping the world wakes up!
    Can I ask what part of Pennsylvania you are from? We are from southern Pa. very close to Maryland.

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments! Yes, we are still going strong. We have been to PA many times but are not from there. The cities are no problem for us, it’s the countryside. And I have to say, that overall it has improved over the years. Peace and be blessed!

      1. It definitely has and it is one of the things that bring my deepest depth to a boil!! Btw. sorry, I just noticed a typo – shall – not shell… lol! Gosh, I should reread before I hit send!

  2. You are both a true example of how love conquers all things, and maybe the looks are more of wonder of how you make it work rather then a hate of the idea. What can I say Nico, I’m an optimist!

  3. I’m sorry! One shouldn’t make such quick comments without knowing first the severity of the situation. I’m sorry two that in this day and age you still have to go through this. May you find peace in the love you share for one another.

  4. admiration and respect… you did touch my ❤ Sir Nico… 'cause a German lady-friend married a black American almost 30 years ago, in Germany, then moved out to Houston, TX where some people would look at them as if they were "ET's"…(read my mind…) she was so shocked, as mixed couples are common place here, in "old Europe"… have you watched "Loving"?… it had a standing ovation in Cannes(France) last year, at the international film festival: ❤

    1. Merci Melanie, for your encouragement and beautiful comments. I did hear about Europe being more progressive, and I can understand the pain and shock your friend went through. It is horrible sometimes, I hope they are ok now, or that they will be. One state here that I’ve heard is very progressive is Minnesota. The city of St. Paul has the highest number of inter – racial couples in the US. I have not seen Loving yet, but we are on the wait list to see it from our local library. Peace to you my friend and rich blessings!. BTW I’ve decided to learn French and will begin in a couple weeks.

      1. avec joie et amitié, Nico… if you ever think I can help you out with learning French, don’t hesitate, please! btw, I’m a language teacher… 🙂
        * * *
        my friends are fine and live in Colorado, BUT they do plan to retire in Europe… during our 5 years in the US, we did meet white Americans who would openly express their refusal to live with(to marry) non-white partners!!! 😦 as for our family, well, it’s international – vive la différence!!! 🙂

      2. Merci Melanie! Retiring in Europe sounds like a great idea. I will let you know about the language. Peace my friend and great blessings to you and yours.

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