As Our Children Continue to Grow


Remembering little hands covered with dirt and loving it

I shoveled, but you guided them with tenderness, planting

flowers, tomato plants, and some herbs, your hands

covering theirs

down on our knees,

explaining the sun, brings growth

as you closed your eyes, we were silent

smelling the earth

you prayed, and we both pray now

as our children continue

to grow.


Poetry and Image© Copyright 2017, ancient skies

18 thoughts on “As Our Children Continue to Grow

  1. We all need to nurture and teach our children compassion and generosity , they are the future. Beautiful poem Nico

    1. Thank you Holly for your wonderful comments! It is so amazing to see them grow up! My wife and i are so proud of them, of who they have become. Peace to you and be blessed.

      1. That is a true blessing Nico, it could so easily go the other way in today environment. I too am blessed to have a wonderful son, it wasn’t by accident, though I truly think there are some bad things that happen to kids that are not the parent’s fault. My heart goes out to those, and I thank God I am so fortunate. Peace to you and yours.

    1. It is true, my wife and I, especially my wife still gives them advice even though they are almost grown. As the Dad they usually seek my approval for overall direction and the course each one is pursuing. We are so blessed by the way they have turned out. Thank you Anna, and peace to you.

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