Ripples on the Lake


Ripples on the lake helping me to focus, on the wind

on the peace within, heart beating quietly

listening for

hoping for

the voice

of God.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

24 thoughts on “Ripples on the Lake

  1. This reminds me of a place we love to visit in the mountains! Love just sitting by the lake, letting my heat be still and like you said, Hearing God’s voice. ❤

  2. Beautiful friend poetry You know these ripples in the lake, the magic noises, it’s an exhilaration for the soul. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Greetings and beautiful Sunday for you.

  3. yes.
    to be in that hopeful, anticipatory place…. listening.
    waiting. for His kind and gentle voice, is heaven on earth.
    thank you Nico, for this beautiful reflective reminder.
    ps. loved the autumn colors on the hillside

    1. Thank you Debi for your beautiful comments! Yes you’re right about heaven on earth. I love to be outside because of that. Peace to you and great blessings.

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