The Unbroken Stream


Once our hearts have known the healing,

embracing ourselves instead of the pain

our poems will flow, from an unbroken stream.

Finding, not losing

who we are.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

24 thoughts on “The Unbroken Stream

  1. Embracing the pain makes you grow positively for some. The pain is individual in consideration of the individual and the circumstances revolving around the origin of the pain. I’m curious to what embracing yourself instead of the pain entails because for me when one embraces oneself it is what one feels at the moment and doesn’t sweep it under the rug where it will fester.

    1. Thank you Joseph for your deep insights, and excellent comments. You’re right each individual and circumstance is different. I have found that we can at times lose ourselves because we live in the horrible circumstances we face. Or rather we relive them over and over. Bitterness, fear, and anger, often result and we learn very little as we get stuck in our horror. Ideally we would learn and move on. You’re right again though that pain can be a teacher in a sense. But overwhelmed by our pain and not learning from it, is what I was aiming for here. Peace my friend and great blessings to you.

  2. learn. and move forwards! yes!
    I loved your verse;
    and most especially – that phrase “embrace our Selves, instead of … the pain”
    pain comes, we know this. we learn, we walk with Him through and beyond. learning as we go. yes.
    and I think it is within and TO our Selves, we each must embrace, must accept, must forgive, must love, give mercy to …. in order to move forward, to love others fully as well.
    I loved this verse Nico. 🙂 ❤

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