Racial Healing


Racial healing doesn’t mean we all become the same,

it’s a matter of embracing each other

and accepting, who we are,

each one.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

19 thoughts on “Racial Healing

  1. Loved this and I love your content! Liked and subscribed; looking forward to your future posts. 
Check out my blog sometime?

 Have a good day!
 Mena from noirerewritten.com 🌷

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Though, it’s slightly unrelated, I found the show Sense8 to be very enlightening. Diversity isn’t something to be afraid of. Different cultures and orientations should be accepted for the beauty they are, not for the unknowns or for the differences themselves.

    1. Yes, exactly!! I love studying cultures, there is great beauty in how we live out our lives and heritage. I will check out the show. Peace my friend and thank you so much!

      1. It took a few episodes to get a grasp on what was going on, but the time they invested in the characters was well spent. Once I grew attached to them and began to care, it only grew. Their big moments became mine, and I rooted for love. In whatever form it came. ❤️

      2. It definitely can. That’s something that’s rare with television and movies. Books can sometimes hold that kind of magic, but not all of them do. I find the best experience, whether it’s reading or watching, is when the characters really stand out. They’re believable and feel real. Those are the best!

  3. yesss!!! ❤ we say in French: vive la différence! BUT in real life, the racial differences are still there, alas – even though your huge country has always been a "melting pot"… Prez Obama has been the only black POTUS in America's (short) history, and one of THE Best… but NO Native American POTUS yet!!! Over here, in "old Europe", we're quite skeptical(realistic!) and saddened about the general situation in the US… 😦
    * * *
    stay healthy, oceans of inspiration and have a serene week, Monsieur Nico+3! 🙂

    1. Merci Melanie! Yes, many here are not only worried and sadden but are also willing to take to the streets to protest. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people standing up to our own government before. For me, I actually was a very conservative person, years ago but gradually changed as I watched and heard President Obama, and the way he was treated. My views changed over time and now I can’t stand the politics of what I once believed. I also changed political parties. Anyway peace to you.

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