We Find Ourselves Connected


Our tragedies don’t always make us better warriors,

don’t always make us stronger

having our wings singed,

and faith pulled forcibly from our hearts.

But we do become more human

as we see our brothers

our sisters, struggling


we know the scars

as we find ourselves connected

in the fight.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies



20 thoughts on “We Find Ourselves Connected

  1. Amazing message in your soulful words!!! Your words reminded me of this poem I wrote a while back
    The Most Beautiful people

    .Kindred spirits sharing love from around the world,
    Touching each other with their welcoming words
    Having never seen another face to face at all
    Embracing life pages as their words are now heard

    We find great hope in the hearts and minds we meet
    Eating from the same table of Gods creative delight
    As daily we are filled with amazing genuine words
    Finding our great love for sharing helps us to unite

    Daily together we lift up hungry spirits in this world
    With our individual gifts trying not to leave one behind
    As we all are part of the same beautiful sharing coverlet
    Full of the real love which our God always had in mind

    Even though we as humans in many ways are the same
    We each are gifted specifically by His heavenly design
    Being bound to the loving spirit of sharing our words
    To shine radiantly through others His true love divine

    United we become a real compelling power to others
    When our written words genuinely carry true weight
    Because the strength of our inner spirits great vigor
    Over time helps many lives in this world be reshaped.

    “You are all beautiful people, continue to help
    change, and reshape the world.”
    (A favorite, written for all my sisters and brothers.)

    Blessings to you always!

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