The Fourth of July


In spite of this being one of the difficult years in the history of our nation, this is still my homeland. And we still enjoy tremendous freedoms!

Happy Fourth of July!




Writing and All Images © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

15 thoughts on “The Fourth of July

  1. Yes!! Happy Fourth of July!!! Proud to be an American! Thankful to those who fought to secure our liberty and freedom! Remembering from Valley Forge to our troops this very day!

    1. Thank you Joseph! I never knew our two countries had very close dates for our independence days until you did a post for Canada. Peace to you my friend, and be blessed.

    1. Thank you Holly! Happy Independence Day to you! Yes, you’re right, resisting is a good word. I actually thought of not doing a post like this, but I needed to acknowledge the good of our country. Peace and great blessings to you!

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