Spirit Free, Body Mending


As the day breaks, we awake with our spirits free,

untangling from our dreams.

Our body still mending – as we stretch,

and we realize there is still poetry

waiting for us, regardless

of our aches and pains.


As you know I love writing poetry, but as I grow older I am dealing with chronic pain now. So I will continue writing, and posting, but my presence here will be reduced.

I will be focusing more on exercise, Asian medicine (sometimes called alternative medicine) and pain management.

Thank you to everyone for reading my poetry!!

I wish everyone peace!


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

47 thoughts on “Spirit Free, Body Mending

  1. I appreciate all you share. You know that. And I appreciate it even more knowing about your painful times. I am sorry about that but I am glad that you are taking good care of yourself.

  2. I haven’t been on wordpress for long but I’ll definitely miss your daily poetry. Hope you feel better with time.😄😄

    1. Thank you Takami, I am, even as much as I like writing I see the need to focus more on my health. I’m grateful for your warm wishes and prayers! Peace to you and yours.

      1. Well, pray for my friend Ancient Skies, too. Someone’s on the other side, waiting to nod yes. 🙂 ❤

  3. @”I will be focusing more on exercise, Asian medicine (sometimes called alternative medicine) and pain management.” – you’re sooo right… Oriental(Asian) medicine is a few thousands years “old” and it still works fine – if used wisely… my very best: courage, strength, patience and quick recovery, Sir!
    * * *
    bonus:”Be good to yourself and take care of your body! Because if you don’t take care of it, WHERE will you live?!”(Kobi Yamada)

  4. I am sending all my warm wishes and prayers for your healing and pain-free life!
    Keep writing , your words are like medicine for life’s aches & pains!

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