Three Brave Souls

Visions now of boot polish smeared,

a fast brush on leather,

ehoes of shouting, boots running, cascading down our streets,

stomping our bricks,

pounding our sanity, meanwhile

three brave souls in Virginia have perished

history haunting us, taking revenge

but may the gentle spirits – rest in peace.

I don’t really have a helmet, but I can sure make us some signs

for next time.


Poetry © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

20 thoughts on “Three Brave Souls

      1. Yes it is time. There are 917 hate groups in the usa. Most situated back east and mid. Out west there are some but not as many as out east. It is sad that humanity has to experience this in this time and age. What we see is the symptom

      2. Yes, for sure. I know there are some groups in Europe but I don’t think are as many as here. And I wonder about Canada. My impression is that Canada is more stable in many ways. I mean all countries have problems, but Europe and Canada seem much more gentle. Peace my friend.

    1. Yes, rest in peace. Two police helicopter pilots were also killed when their helicopter went down as they monitored the events. Most progressives are saying the President should do more to do more in denouncing white supremacy ideology. I have not seen the news this morning though. And you are so right about the neo- Nazis talking about Trump. It just flows right out of their own mouths.
      What impresses me though, is the bravery and determination of those opposing hate. Many of the people and yes even leaders speaking out are doing a wonderful job.
      I especially like the statements of the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe (not sure of spelling). Watch the youtube of him if you have time. I like this guy a lot, and I hope he runs for President!
      Merci Melanie! Peace to you my friend and your family.

      1. MILLE MERCI for your reply, Sir! since last Nov, we watch the US-news “en direct-live” – daily… so, I did know for the 2 police pilots, RIP… 😦 there are several retired Americans(permanent residents) in our region and I know some of them who have applied for the French citizenship!!!

      2. Merci Melanie. Yes I am not surprised about the Americans there. We may see more of that in the future. It reminds me of African American singers that fled our country years ago and lived France to be more accepted, Simone, Josephine Baker and probably others. Peace my friend, and may we all have peace.

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