Autumns are Made for Us



Autumns are made for us to consider the softer

sunlight caressing the leaves, along

with the cooler air, pulling

our spirits

into the colors.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies


40 thoughts on “Autumns are Made for Us

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments! Yes, I have to admit it is my favorite too. Although the very cold weather of winter is more difficult now, I still love fall. Peace to you and blessings!

  1. The hues of Autumn make me wonder…is there anything more beautiful and colorful? When the orange, the ochre, the yellow, the green and the blue seem to merge, my heart sings strange melodies unknown to me!

  2. Autumn. Your post is beautiful. My son had to remind me today was the first day of Autumn as our weather seems to be stuck on the Summer mode. Your cool, color rich words stir the desire to welcome Autumn even more! Blessings for your weekend friend:)

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