My Photographs


Now you might wonder why do I use his own photos? Well, that’s easy, there are two reasons really. One, is that it’s much easier and faster!

I remember starting out blogging, and searching for hours for just the right picture, to go with a piece of fiction, or a poem. And I realized I could write a lot more, and have a lot more time for everything, if I used what I already had. I can also find my own photos easily.

And to be honest I’ve always loved photography. I have thousands of photos from different devices, though I’m not a professional. So, part of my walking hobby is to go into nature and photograph what I find.

I have also found that I can start with a photograph, and write a poem around it! So cool!

So, it works well for me. It is rare that I use a photo outside of my own library, but it simply means I couldn’t find a match for the poem.

And yes, it is true my photographs are copyrighted, so please don’t use them without my permission.

I wish you peace.


 Writing and All Images © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

31 thoughts on “My Photographs

  1. Thanks I’m a recent follower of your site and enjoy it. I too am the same. I’m a poet and a photographer. I often feel I can write a poem around a picture, or more often match one of my photos to a poem. They somehow seem to match one another. Perhaps the visual of the photos matches with the feelings that poems conjure up. Thank you for your posts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the post. I’m a recent follower of your site and new to blogging in WordPress. I too am a poet and photographer.

    I too sometimes find it easy to write a poem to a photograph. More often though, matching a photograph to a poem.

    Perhaps it is something to do with that they both the heart and mind to a new place. They both touch the soul. Pictures seem to be more powerful as they appeal to a wide audience. The saying is a picture tells a thousand words… Poetry maybe touches the unconscious more.

    Perhaps you may want to include a caption below the photo indicating they were taken by you. I had no idea they were taken by you. I thought they were professional photos taken from the web.

    Thanks for your posts of photos and poetry. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! You’re right I think, about poetry touching the unconscious more. I rarely post without a photograph, but sometimes it is nice just to focus on the words. I have thought about writing my name on each photograph, and will consider your comments here. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts! Peace to you and great blessings.

  3. I really like your photographs, and I agree with you about it seeming easier to use one’s own. When I do try to find an image online I often wonder if I am looking in the wrong spot, and I think surely everyone else knows the perfect spot to find the best images. Anyway, nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your photographs are lovely, and it’s good that u have a gift for it. Poems inspired by photographs do justice to both, but writing a poem and searching for an apt picture is futile, that road inevitably leads to a compromise.

  5. Hello Mr. Nico,

    I don’t know why WordPress has changed my settings and stopped sending email alerts (I had set it so that new posts from your 2 sites would come to my email), which is why I am now slowly catching up. I’m so glad you share your photos and poetry with us.

    Takami 🙂

    1. Thank you Takami! Technical issues can be a problem. I’m so blessed that you are part of my blogs, and I look forward to your photos! Peace to you and yours, and wonderful blessings.

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