My Goals for 2018


My most important goal for this coming year in the blogosphere, is to continue being a good blogging friend. I will only leave encouraging, kind comments. I have received many of these types of comments myself, and doing so for others simply makes good sense.

I will write of hope and healing, in the framework of nature, spirituality, and faith. A sense of peace is where I seek to dwell.

There is so much negativity in our world, I want my blog to be a javelin, thrown into the heart of darkness.

I will write of love. We all love love, don’t we? But I will not write work that is too risqué! I seek to honor God and my beautiful wife. Entangled arms and kisses on her neck, are about as far as my writing will take me.

And yes I do write a lot, simply from a love of writing. But I strive to make my posts of a high quality (to the best of my ability).

I will always place my faith, family, and even work above my blog.

Thank you for being here!!! Are you ready for 2018?

Let’s rock!


 Writing and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

39 thoughts on “My Goals for 2018

  1. A beautiful vision for 2018! I always feel and very much appreciate the positive, spiritual nature of your writing and photography. Congratulations on a beautiful and successful blogging year – 2017! And best wishes for all things love in 2018. Namaste

  2. These are good resolutions.Blogging is all about sharing so why not share the very best we can? I hope to be better myself at getting my paintings posted and occasionally a story that goes with them. Only painting can take more time than writing making for fewer posts.

    1. Thank you Holly! I love your paintings and I can see how they would take awhile to create. Thank you for sharing them and creating some beauty in our world. Peace to you and great blessings my friend.

  3. Your poems are like daily prayers, moments of meditation with open eyes your photographs takes me away from my routine , takes me close to nature and it’s something very peaceful! May God bless you! May all your dreams come true💖

  4. @”I will write of hope and healing…” – yesss, you rule and rock, Sir!!! ’cause optimism and watching everything in perspective are THE best ways to see life, to go on, and to move forward… 🙂

  5. Im with you. Im really blogging to make new friends and socialize and be in communities more and to blog for self expression

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