The Beautiful Whispers in the Winter Wind


When our healing begins, our spirits will be drawn

to the peace

the quiet

of a gentle snowfall,

and the beautiful whispers

in the winter wind.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

30 thoughts on “The Beautiful Whispers in the Winter Wind

    1. Probably the photo because I enjoy it so much, but the poem was written today. I do enjoy writing this way so it is similar to others. Thank you Irene, peace and great blessings to you!

  1. Somehow this has given me an image of me sitting on a swing, with many layers to keep me warm… And watching the snow fall gently on the ground… And me hearing my own thoughts as a soft little rhythmic hum.

  2. nice, touching and profound, as usually…
    * * *
    Have a fine Monday and an optimistic week, Monsieur “Cieux Anciens”! 🙂
    a bonus from my Facebook page:

    pure joy throughout a keen gaze of eternity… the other-world is simply what we are – an echo between the unbounded outer space and the unrevealed abyss – where our thoughts are always unchained and unhindered… each star turns into a whisper of love that drags us into a blooming galaxy… 🙂

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