The Darker Rain

When our trauma turns our view, slanting

the sky, releasing the grey within

cracked vessels, we often listen

to the darker rain, as if

there is a deliverance

in the mist.

And yet

having survived the false prophecy,

the breakage of our story

the empty dictators

of self speak,

we discover the desire

for a simple light

and for a sky

that speaks to us,

of a new story

not quite so broken.


Poetry © Copyright 2018, ancient skies


27 thoughts on “The Darker Rain

  1. A powerful sentiment. I gather the abundance of words within you have overcome the discouragement from outside. Am so glad you’ve decided to continue blogging. You are a blessing to your readers, Nicodemas.

    1. Thank you Anna! What wonderful compliments! Yes, I am here but I have cut way back only posting occasionally. I am on the Psalms website Monday-Friday. And you know what? I’ve thought that maybe I should have done the Psalms type web site since the beginning, making it the foundation of all my other work. Live and learn I guess. Peace to you my friend, good health and blessings.

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