Love Still Lingers


The simple yet sacred truth living

within the heart of a tulip

is that love still lingers,

flows within our beings

carrying us

far beyond the darkest ruins

of our world,

until we are refreshed.


Poetry and All Images © Copyright 2018, ancient skies


A Winged Nobility


A winged nobility speaks of a poem I once knew,

carries my thoughts beyond

just ripples on the lake,

further even

than a prayer left alone

yet sacred,

and into a measure

of spirit flying, over

the realm of peace

enfolding me

as the heron tilts his head again.


Poetry and All Images © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

To Hold Her Hand Again


It was when he reached for her hand that her blushing began,

and he was never afraid, he never

pulled back,

from her shaking spirit


embracing her until

the waves of fear passed away.

She surrendered

to his courage,

but they both surrendered really.

He never regretted his dedication

to her, instead he lived for her smile,

and for the chance

to hold her hand again.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

It Was Very Good Indeed


And the Lord God saw that His children were discouraged, divided

and some confused, so He spoke into the soil, breathed

into the air, and called forth the rain. And soon

hope came displayed in green plants, with daffodils,

tulips, and even the great chorus of azaleas.

And smiles returned to all the people,

so God saw that it was good,

it was very good indeed.


Poetry and All Images © Copyright 2018, ancient skies