Watching You Sleep


As I sit here watching you sleep I notice how you tuck your hand under

your chin, your soft brown arm folded gently

over the white blankets

and I’m struck by your beauty again,

your sculpted face,

the cheeks I’ve kissed

so many times

and I wonder

how the heavens ever survived

after you were sent to me.


She’s coming home today!! Wahoo!

She is still recovering, with strong medication but she can recover at home.

And we are waiting for the results of a biopsy, which to be honest is scary because of the fear of cancer.

We are so grateful for all of you! Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, encouragement, and well wishes! Your love and support have been amazing.

Thanks again, and peace to you!

Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies


63 thoughts on “Watching You Sleep

  1. Hello Mr. Nico,
    I haven’t been “commenting” but you, your wife and your family have been in our prayers. Keeping faith that God will continue to provide and care for your family!!

  2. Praise God that she got to come home. Again I ask the Lord for her healing of whatever this is and to restore her health and wholeness. Nico, Scripture tells us that God SPOKE the worlds into being and that we are made in His image. Therefore our words, like His, are powerful. So regardless of the results of the biopsy, reemeber He is in control and He still performs miracles!!! Sp speak only words of healing and hopefulness and praise and gratitiude, both of you. It is not easy but trusting the Lord is a form of obedience to Him which he asks us to do and over and over and over again in Scripture we are asked not to worry or fear for He holds us in the palm of His righteous right hand. I read those passages whenever I begin to have doubts and fears and soon His peace comes to calm me and just give it all to Him. Please let me know if there is anything else besides praying I can do to help you and your beloved wife. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤ xoxoxoxoxcoxoxcoxo

    1. Natalie your kind words are a wonderful blessing! Thank my friend. Your faith is very strong, in fact much stronger than mine. We have been through alot, including when she had cancer years ago so it is a battle not to give into fear. We are trusting God and moving forward. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! Peace to you my friend and great blessings.

      1. Nico you said that your wife had cancer years ago and she beat it. That was a miracle and by the grace of God. I know you have children and I’m assuming they were born healthy and that they and your wife survived it, more miracles! The two of you have endured in your marriage, another miracle and on and on they go! You are surrounded by and have been blessed by grace and by miracles over and over again. So strengthen your faith! Grow strong in it for not everyone is not as blessed as you are, not everyone has been granted as many miracles as you’ve been given. Praise God continuously and pray continuously! And such things will feed your faith and make it stronger! Jesus died for you! Let Him feel your gratitude! And when you begin to feel His presence and you will feel it, your strength will become stronger than you ever imagined it could! Daily you two should you take the time to record at least 5 blessings and/or miracles that occurred that day! And then keep them handy when the valley you’re walking in seems dark and hopeless! And above all else praise the Lord and be grateful for them! You can do this!!! Much love and huge hugs and blessings galore, N❣️😘xoxoxo xoxoxo

  3. You have written such a beautiful poem from your heart. Full of your life for the woman you love.
    I am so glad for you both that she is now coming home and let us pray for good test results.
    Bless you both

    1. Thank you Miriam for your beautiful comments. We are blessed to have blogging friends to pray for us and encourage us! And yes your prayers for good test results are needed. Peace to you and great blessings.

  4. Nico, I had NO idea what has been going on! Your wife is now in my Heart and prayers. Home is where she needs to be with you. Hang in there until the results are in. May Peace surround your home, your marriage, your mind, your wife, and you. BIG (((HUGS))) 💝💝💝

    1. Thank you Amy! She’s home now, but waiting is the tough part. I’m not sure if you know but she had cancer before, a blood cancer years ago, and health issues along the way. She’s a strong fighter though, often stronger than I am. We take care of each other!. Thank you for your prayers. Peace my friend and great blessings.

      1. Nico, no I did not know. Oh heavens! The two of you have been through so much so waiting for this biopsy must be a nightmare for you both. My prayers are constant and true. I pray for Miracles and for Health. (((HUGS)))! 💝

  5. I hope she recovers and gets back to he healthy self again. I will keep her and all of you in my prayers. I send you all many blessings of Healing Energies your way. May God Bless you all, especially blessing to your wife ❤

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