My Responsibility


This is a poetry website, not a political website at all. And yet there are so many things happening in our country that are just horrendous. I often wonder what I should do, what I should say, and do I say something here? I have some very strong opinions, but do I risk ticking off conservative readers? I have struggled with what if anything I should say.

And yet the climate in our nation continues to spiral downward. True I am a poet, but I am also a citizen, and I believe I have been quiet for too long.

For example, our leaders are known now for lying, just constant lying all the time – lying. Yet our president doesn’t consider it lying, because it creates an atmosphere of “winning”. Years ago he started following a term called “exaggeration hyperbole”. Look it up, it’s in his book “The Art of the Deal”. It’s all about looking good. He considers it similar to positive thinking. But we don’t win when we lie do we? Not in the long term.

And now we have the cruelty, the barbaric treatment of people on our southern border. The America I know doesn’t hate immigrants. Unless we are Native Americans we are all immigrants in a way. Our nation was founded on immigration.

This is not a matter of liberal vs. conservative, this is a matter of right and wrong. It is an inhumane policy that rips children away from their parents. Listen, if Mrs. Trump and Laura Bush (wife of President Bush) both speak out against it – you know it’s wrong! It must stop now.

It all speaks of hatred of “the other”, and that must stop too.

I am a citizen and speaking out is my responsibility.

I wish you peace.


Commentary and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

76 thoughts on “My Responsibility

  1. The political environment in this country is shocking, Nico. What are we to do as we helplessly stand by and watch atrocities happen? I do not recognize this country anymore that was founded on God-inspired principals. The very least we all can do is pray for change. Bless you for speaking up! ☺️

    1. Thank you Amy! Your comments mean a lot. Yes prayer is needed for sure! We may need to start carrying signs again like in the 60’s. Peace and blessings to you my friend.

  2. Don’t worry, even poets have to rock the boat now and then, because everyone’s falling asleep! It’s in our historical documents themselves, and I’ll paraphrase the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, that when faced with a tyrant-leader, it is our right (and I’d say obligation) to replace his idea of our government. There’s one tyrant and a zillion spineless others in Washington. Good luck to us on fixing that, but one must wonder just WHAT it will take before people see the truth. What more monstrous act against humanity will be needed to open ALL our eyes. Let us hope it is this one, his own deficit of decent, basic humanity in regards to children/families, and the complicit quiet that surrounds his ugly selfish ways to the detriment of all the world, not just to us.

    1. Thank you Relax! Your views are even stronger than my own! But I do wish conservatives would not bow down to him so much. And some religious people just love this guy! Yet it’s the policies that are most troubling. Cruelty of this sort must not be tolerated. Peace to you and your family.

    1. Yes it is horrifying! And to use the Bible to support it! Oh my gosh what was he thinking. Sessions should resign I think. Thank you Holly, and peace to you. May God have mercy on us.

      1. These are truly evil people. The Bible says in Matthew « suffer the little children to come ». I’m heartbroken over this. I never dreamed we could become so heartless.

      2. I know me too. That word suffer is from the old King James version. It’s better translated – allow or permit – them to come to me. It just shows us how important government and leadership are. I believe we can stop this if we act as one – with a loud voice.

    1. Exactly!! And yes we need to raise a loud voice. Thank you for your comments and for raising the awareness! Peace and blessings to you. May God forgive our nation.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Nico. I try to stay away from politics but this president makes me break my own rules from time to time. Although he is not my president, we are all “blessed”. It is a shame that someone like him is able to reach that high. Your post said it all, it is all about an egomania and, egocentric mind. It has never been about the people or the country, nor the world. It has always only been to feed the ego.

    1. I think your right Erika, unfortunately. The evidence piles up more every day. We saw the ugliness in the race and debates before the election. And now there are numerous allegations of immorality while married to his wife! Then there’s the whole Russia connection? Oh wow. Anyway right now we need to help the families from Mexico anyway we can, even if it is only in speaking out. I understand Catholic Charities are down there. I hope they can do some good. Peace my friend, and thank you!

      1. How this could turn out or develop was actually clear even before the election. Whatever he does is for his own benefit… over here we were scared that the people in the US don’t vote at all. This is the result: a spoiled baby adult who thinks he can do what he want and is the ruler of the world. The only life that counts is his one…

      2. Many people feel this way! He won because many people hated Hilary. If there had been someone else I think they would have beat Trump! We are hoping things will turn for the better.

      3. Yes, both candidats were no opetion for many. I wish they had at least voted for the lesser evil. Yes, he won’t be there forever and we hope and pray that not too much damage happens by the time he will be out of sight.

  4. “do I risk ticking off conservative readers?”

    if the truth upsets anyone, if speaking out against injustice and man’s inhumanity towards man ticks off anyone, you should feel proud to tick them off. Go with your gut, if your gut tells you to speak out, then that is exactly what you should do. The problems we face are not conservative or liberal, they are human problems, that we all helped cause. “liberals” have caused incalculable suffering as well, and the same goes…if they are ticked off when you speak out against injustice they they are either causing or enabling, let them be ticked off. Even if you should lose your entire audience, if you’re speaking the truth, speaking out against injustice, speaking out for the oppressed, listening to your gut… you should be proud to have done the right thing.

    As Dr. King said, ‘there comes a time when silence is betrayal’.

    Thank you for breaking the silence.


  5. Thank you for posting this, Nico. I’ve been wanting to speak out about this latest atrocity too. It reminds me of Nazi concentration camps, these little children in cages, crying for their mamas. I can’t stand it, and can’t understand why it’s happening. This is no longer my America, the country I once loved.

  6. Dear Nico, I love your poetry, but as you were debating it in your piece we should stay out of politics. We all are citizen. I am a naturalized citizen. When I arrived in this country 38 years ago, I had not a dime in my name, only $500.00. I spent that money as downpayment for an immigration Lawyer. I did not go on welfare or any handout from government. My parents sent us some money so we could live until we could get work permission and green card. If you go to china, Russia, or even the country that I came from and many others illegally, some shoot you, some put you in prison. In my country they shoot you. President Trump is the first president since I came here “Carter was the president when I came” that wants to do something about it and I agree with him %100. There are a lot of American children that live in poverty. Have you thought about that? A country without border is not a country…

    1. Thank you Ellie. Yes of course I have thought of the poor here. The issue though is separating children from their parents. It should not happen here or anywhere. There are people that like what President Trump is doing but many do not. As an American I can express my views as you can. Thank God we have freedom. I love my country. And it’s clear you do too. Peace my friend.

      1. According to constitution people that have done any kind of crime will be imprisoned until they bring their case in front of judge. one of these crime is coming through American borders illegally. When this happen , the children of these people go to foster homes. But first they must be processed. These children would be returned to their parents when their cases have come in front of judge. That is all.

      2. Well maybe. But the parents and the children do not know where each other are. And I think it takes weeks or longer for processing. Some may not be returned. Even babies are put in special places for babies. The damage from trauma is done.

      3. A lot of those people are not the real parents of those children. Only In Texas, where I live, the crimes such as rape, murder, and many others are committed by these illegals everyday. That is why DOJ has ordered DNA test to be done. Just come and live in Texas dear friend.

      4. I don’t see immigrants as criminals. There are bad people where I live too, they everywhere. Sin is a human problem, not an ethnic one. I know FOX News like to scare people. But I’m not afraid and I don’t listen to them. America should be for immigrants not against them.

  7. Dear Nico,
    You wouldn’t be the beautiful poet that you are without the passion you hold in your heart. I applaud you for speaking from that heart and you give me the courage to do the same.
    I’ve had to stop reading and watching the TV just to get away from it all for a while for my own piece and sanity. It doesn’t solve the problems but at least I begin to remember who I am again in relation to the Divinity that lies hidden behind all the ugliness.
    Thank you for being brave enough to say how you feel.
    Peace my friend!!

  8. Sadly I don’t know of any government founded on true Christian principals where the leaders are truly servants of the people (though there have been some individuals of whom that can be said) Here in the UK some bright spark suggested it be illegal to lie in the house of commons. Needless to say, it didn’t get passed into law because sadly there are a lot of lies and liers in politics no matter the nation. I don’t think Trump is in any way unique he’s just more upfront about it. Good government will only come when God sets up His own at Jesus return. Meanwhile, I think you are right to speak out for what you believe. There are a lot of good folks around it’s just the “baddies” tend to have big megaphones.

    1. Exactly!! Thank you Claire, I’m blessed by your comments. Many people here do think Trump is far worse than past presidents. Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

      1. Yes!!!!! I hope it sticks, oh but then I have heard that they will not be holding them together but indefinitely. 😢 These people are escaping horrible situations in their country, so sad that we have closed our doors and hearts. we’ll see.

  9. Bless you my friend. We are facing similar crises in my country. As you say, it’s our duty as citizens to speak up and speak out when we observe horrendous actions. I truly believe that silence (while knowing that something is wrong) is also a crime. Continuing to keep Mrs. Nico and all your family in our prayers.

    1. Thank you Anna! Yes I think you’re right. The hardest thing is not only the lying, which is so obvious, but that believers buy into it all, and still support him. It’s horrible really. But we know that God is control. A perfect example of trusting in our Creator.

  10. You have said what had to be said. Our modern day world shocks me. It is a catastrophic world led by incapable megalomaniac rulers. and the past wasn’t better either. but the world wasn’t made to mold our human ambitions. It is us, pitiful humans that have been made to fit in earths mold. Never will there be any right or wrong never shall there be a perfect peace, an undisturbed harmony. But we will have to live with it…

      1. sadly, I disagree with you on the fact that there is no right or wrong. Have you ever seen anybody that has hurt somebody for the pleasure of it? I don’t suppose so. But if you have then you have found somebody that is genuinely wrong. And the right? Same situation. I’m not saying there is no good things in this world, I’m saying nobody is totally right, no flaws without any other intentions.
        And thank you again for speaking up about the trouble on the American border.

    1. Thank you! Many of us have been, so hang in there, and remember God can use our contributions to help others.
      Many people of faith make the mistake of thinking that somehow we have to always support the Republican party. That’s not true at all. In fact the party is not really the same anymore is it? We can be Independent and still hold the values we always have. Even Democrats have an organization called, “Democrats for Life”. Many young people have actually left the Republican party. About 30% of them.
      More than anything it’s not about parties, it is about right and wrong.
      Wishing you peace.

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