My Words Seek a Path Not Hidden


As if in a thick forest my words

seek a path not hidden.

Well it seems as if my site has been compromised again. Yes, we are in a summer lull, but this is different.

So, I had to make a decision today. Do I post once a month? Once a week? Do I go the opposite way, and blast 5 posts out in a single day? Nah! I will say that the less I am here, the more my site becomes an easy target.

So why am I still here? To be honest I believe in my work, I really do. And I want to see it do well. I ask for nothing in return, I make no money, I ask for no sponsors. I love to write, and I love to read your work, that’s why I’m here.

And I do get wonderfully encouraged. A blogging friend recently said I should, “share my gift.” That really makes my day! The strange thing is I had been thinking about writing more often. Many of you feel comfortable interacting with me through comments, and that is very special.

So, I don’t want to end this blog, or my faith based blog, Walking through Psalms, which is also limping along. And no, I’m not just looking at stats.

I have some ideas for moving forward, and one idea I have for now, is to share some of my older work with you. Did you know that for awhile I was posting twice a day, and I wrote fiction? There are more than 2,100 posts on this site!

And maybe I’ll throw in a quote once in a while, or an update about my wife and I. Let me know what you think. I’m seeking your input.

To all my readers thank you for reading and for your wonderful support!



Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

43 thoughts on “My Words Seek a Path Not Hidden

  1. Don’t close down shop. Your poetry is inspiring and authentic. I’m not sure how your site was compromised, and by all means protect yourself, but keep your wise words flowing.

  2. Keep sharing anything your heart desires, dearest Nico, and know that it brings up gratitude in mine, each and every time. With our God’s blessings always, your brother, Leon

  3. I love your posts Nico, they are encouraging! I would also love to see your fiction posts. I remember you telling me about that and I meant to look them up and forgot but I am very interested in them.
    Post however often you feel comfortable posting. As one reader said. “Follow your heart” your readers will keep following you!

  4. I am not sure if I can add to anything more than what you received but stay encouraged, if you are meant to continue I pray that you receive your answer. I am one to encourage, yes but I also believe in the direction of the Lord, what His will is. That is what I will pray for you. ❤️

  5. The nice thing about WordPress is that you can schedule posts, so you don’t even need to blast out many in one go.

    I get you on the old material thing. We pick up new readers all the time, but realistically, most won’t dig back through years of old posts. So it’s good to repost old favourites once in a while. A Facebook page for the blog can have the same effect, while reaching a wider audience than just WordPress readers. (Though I suspect the WordPress community is a lot less superficial than the likes we’d get on Facebook.)

  6. Your poetry and your pictures are beautiful, inspiring, provides a fresh breath of hope, love, courage in my day to day life! Please keep writing, at whatever frequency you’re comfortable. And would love to read your fiction also. God has gifted you with unique vision , share that light with all of us.

  7. Nico, just keep following your Heart for that is the only way to truly live. Your posts are so inspiring and so uplifting and we who consistently read them are very grateful. I am not sure how your site got compromised but were you aware of the two-way sign in process? I am using it because I was having problems as well. When you sign in you have to request a number which will come to you as a text. When you put that number in after you sign in with your sign in process, you can get into your blog. I hope this helps. May you have Peace in your Heart and a truly wonderful weekend! 💕🌹💕

  8. Nico, I love your poetry and hope you’ll continue to post, as always. Sorry to hear you’re having some difficulties with your site.

    Blessings to you and your wife. I hope she’s doing as well as possible.

    1. Thank you Betty! Your kind words are a wonderful blessing. She’s beginning treatments now. So we appreciate your positive thoughts. Peace and blessings to you.

  9. Frederick Buechner says we are called to that place where our great joy and the world’s great need meet. Keep writing. The world needs your words and writing brings you joy.

  10. I wouldn’t mind at all you posting former poems again. I love your writings and cannot remember them all anyway. I am thankful to have you here, Nico!

  11. Mr. Nico,
    I am very sad to hear that there are issues with the sites again. That is very disheartening and frustrating indeed! As others have said, what matters most is what makes you (and your family) feel most comfortable and secure. I can say with confidence that your writing has truly helped me and my husband through challenging times, and always a source of hope. I would also be very happy to see your previous work again, such as the First Nations stories, and anything else you’d be willing to share.
    But firstly – please take care of you! It’s an unusually extreme summer all over the world, and that itself can be taxing to the body and spirit. As always you’re in our prayers!
    Your friend in Japan,
    Takami 🙂

    1. I am humbled and encouraged Takami by your kind words! It is comments like yours that keep me encouraged and writing. Yes I am taking care of my wife, as she is undergoing treatment right now. But the process is not as challenging as the first time she had cancer. Thank God! We are thankful for your prayers! I will keep doing the best I can here on my sites. Peace to you and great blessings to the both of you!

  12. Hello Nico I am not sure how your site was compromised. But in life we all face challenges, but be strong and overcome them. Even I have, and going through certain disturbances on what I do online or otherwise, but I somehow keep on moving ahead. Your poetry and what you write are beautiful and inspiring. Have Faith and do what you are doing to the best of your ability. I wish you all the best, and as always my prayers are with you and all of your family. Much Love, Light and Peace ❤

    1. Thank you Deepa, your kind words are very encouraging! Yes, I’ve been blessed by wonderful comments like yours and that is a big reason I keep moving forward. The other reason is that I love to write. Peace and wonderful blessings to you my friend.

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