Rivers that Have Renewed the Earth


It is true that in the absence of sanity, our spirits search

reaching out

for the calm and peace

we once knew,


we were never descended

from monsters

instead, shaped

formed from the same rivers

that have renewed the earth

since the beginning

of time.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies


26 thoughts on “Rivers that Have Renewed the Earth

  1. Nico, I so understand what you have expressed here. It is in the times when I feel low or going through an extremely tough phase that I do the most searching, returning to forests and places where mankind is far away and only Spirit resides. Peace to you and your wife this day. 🕊🕊🕊

      1. Right, for fueling ourselves in order to be able to deal with the insanity in a better way. Thank you and wonderful blessings to you too.

  2. Beautiful imagery, the merging of nature with humans is amazing. We never decended from monsters, instead shaped from the same rivers….its a great thought. Therapeutic nature in times of emotional distress.

  3. Wonderful piece. I love how you emphasize the connection between our souls and nature—I recently began studying this concept and its ties to The Romantic era. Great work!

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