The Weeping Willow Tree


Branches and leaves from the weeping willow tree bending

yet, still holding the sun in place


light, randomly sprinkled

on the surface of the water,

my spirit was lifting

in the beautiful silence

hovering over the river,

I could see through it

when I realized I did have a line

to write, was it a poem?

or a prayer?

I will have to ask the river

once again.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

22 thoughts on “The Weeping Willow Tree

    1. Thank you Joseph! We really appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers. She is going through treatment still. Otherwise doing ok. Peace and wonderful blessings to ya.

  1. Light, randomly sprinkled on the surface of water… I felt these lines points to my life … BecoZ in the darkness of life very rarely light of hope comes true. I am not sure is it right to write these lines here, anyway I felt on reading your lines.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comments! Yes, please feel free to comment like this. I often write about hope as a light. And you’re right, it often comes in pieces or rays of light. Peace to you and have a wonderful week.

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