He was Never Alone


Standing on top of the mountain he could see so many wounds now

on the earth as if people had allowed faith

to pass through

without paying attention,

so the paths overgrown


though he often

respected the candles

he walked beyond what had been

letting go of tired sermons,

the worn out reaching

but he never lost himself,


within the light bathing, the songs

of the leaves

the forest spoke to his heart,

that he was never


Not ever.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

43 thoughts on “He was Never Alone

  1. The mountains is my second go to place and my first is at the foot of ocean. Both these places offer serenity and peace and we are cradled in love. I see in retrospect my journey has been one of trust and knowing that I have been taken care and will do so in eternity as well. Nice prose. Take care my friend. Always sending healing.

    1. Thank you Joseph! Your comments are both beautiful and encouraging. Yes I agree the mountains and oceans do bring us peace. And healing becomes so beautiful. Peace my friend and wonderful blessings.

  2. Oh, this poem is AMAZING. I love how you imagined it, setting the scene, looking down. Love the reference to tired sermons, but then the beautiful e ding. A masterpiece my friend. Beautiful. It did my heart good this morning.

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