lighthouse window

Nationalism has never healed anyone, and never will

seeking only division and strife,

seeking chains for children

hating the brown man

and his wife.

And global thinking is simply this:

loving your neighbor,

and loving life.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2018, ancient skies

46 thoughts on “Nationalism

  1. Globalism has great appeal to those of us who long for world peace. Only this planet supports human life. And all human beings, we believe, deserve the basic necessities of that life. Tragically, however, human beings have not found a way to live together in peace. We focus on our differences, blind to all the things we have in common.

    1. Yes so true! We did have a more global outlook prior to this administration I think. It was never perfect but much healthier and much more stable. Thank you Anna, your comments are a blessing. Peace and be wonderfully blessed.

    1. Yes exactly Michel!! And yet it is popular once again. May people see the error of their ways. Thank you my friend. Peace and wonderful blessings to you and your family.

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