The Fortress


It was snowing that night the wall was completed, not many noticed, tired of the fight.

Yet some conservatives rejoiced in their victory, believing the Enemy was defeated and that they could rest in their holiness once again.

However, the angels in Texas, bowed their heads with tears in their eyes,

began praying for all those stuck inside the Fortress, for those believing that somehow,

in some way, they were righteous, and so having turned their backs

on the poor.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies


10 thoughts on “The Fortress

    1. Well that would be most unfortunate! Yes this is about the wall but I did not hear about one up north. Let us hope that reason and compassion rule instead of fear and lies to create a political base! Ronald Reagan had a plan to allow people to come here work, and pay taxes, then go through the process. It is a complex issue for sure, but most come to work to send money back home. By the way U.S. citizens cause more crime than immigrants. Thank you my friend. Peace Joseph and blessings.

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