Within My Peace


When readers come to my site what do they expect to see? Poetry mostly, or maybe a short story, but they are not really looking for political commentary. That’s not the way I designed this site.

And yet I feel things deeply, as many of us do, and much of what we see seems so wrong. How do we stop the madness?

Perhaps as artists and writers we are made internally to feel strongly and observe the insanity, so that we can articulate a response in a creative way.

And yet I hold back, firstly because of what I’ve mentioned. And secondly because I could easily spend all my time caught up in the turmoil of the times we live in.

I need freedom of spirit and mind to spread my writing wings. So I don’t need to solve the world’s problems, and especially not here on this site.

And yet you will on occasion see some lines on how I feel, hopefully in a natural way, usually condemning hate. I do think we should take a stand.

And finally, I am a progressive even though I don’t agree with everything they come up with, and that’s ok. I wasn’t always progressive though.

I think I can give a unique perspective because I’ve been on both sides of the aisle.

Within my peace I strive for a clear vision.

I hope you all feel respected and appreciated here. Thank you for listening.

Peace to you.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

29 thoughts on “Within My Peace

  1. “freedom of spirit and mind to spread my writing wings”, and that’s what I expect to find in your site and posts! Some seeds of hope and peace… For what is worth it, I do love the contents of your posts. Just keeping them coming Nico! xx

  2. I feel your struggle. I too have been on both sides of the aisle, but now find myself more aligned with progressive thoughts, to a degree. I long for the days when one could speak civilly on such matters. In the meantime, I hope you’ll spread your writing wings and do, what only poets can do, write from the depths of your soul❤️

  3. Nico, your blog is like a bowl filled with life. And you put it in ways which reach us exactly where it should. It doesn’t matter what you share since it is your being that shares with its special and unique way that touches. That is why I come here. Blessings to you, my friend.

    1. Erika I’m humbled and blessed by your beautiful comments! Thank you so much. I was just sharing what has been on my heart for awhile now, realizing posts about who we are, do not always attract alot of attention. Being vulnerable though is part of being an artist/writer. Peace my friend and great blessings to you and your family.

      1. Yes, exactly, perhaps vulnerability actually makes an artist because they are not afraid to share their inner world. That is where inspiration comes from and what can make a difference for so many. Thank you for doing what you do and how you do it.
        Lots of blessings to you and yours, Nico!

  4. Yes, the political arena is one that is trying at times and one can write incessantly. Yes, one needs to take a stand if one is bothered of what the political party is doing that is not the reflection of light. If one cannot take a stand then send love to them. Research has shown that criminal activity and other activities become less. With your writing, you have found your niche writing peacefully. and delivering your message. If one person is tweaked by your message you have done your job. Others remain silent but are reading your messages and in turn, they will hopefully be tweaked as well. I enjoy your post. You would not be writing your post if you were not guided by Spirit. Be well my friend.

    1. Thank you Joseph for your beautiful and encouraging comments! Yes, I think we can make a difference, each one of us in the way we are given. I love to write, as you know! Peace my friend and be wonderfully blessed.

  5. I have been catching up on posts, and everyone has already left wonderful comments. So please let me simply add, thank you for sharing with honesty and grace. And I also feel there are times when we must take a stand, in order to protect ourselves and those closest to us. Peace and blessings!!

  6. You can write about anything on your blog – it is your space, and we all know you will use this space well 🙂
    Doing good, serving, caring, sharing beauty and uplifting thoughts, bringing peace, encouraging and inspiring – it is what the world of people needs most, appreciates least, but still deserves. Thank you for your wisdom and compassion!

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