A Vision of Hope and Unity


We each need to feel loved and accepted don’t we? Especially in this time, in this world in which we live,

we need to respond in the opposite spirit of hate.

White Nationalists create fear of the other and hateful rhetoric, even in these United States.

Let us stand together offering acceptance of people,

even those different than ourselves, with a vision of hope and unity.

I’m standing with immigrants, and all victims of violence, in our world.



Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies


44 thoughts on “A Vision of Hope and Unity

      1. Thank you, you not intruding at all! We so so appreciate your prayers! My wife is stable, blood tests look good. The mass is still there but thankfully she is able to function.

  1. Awesome, Nico! Let’s all stand together. Families, neighborhoods, cities, nations… the world! We need to pull on the same string. Thank you for this wonderful message!

    1. Yes!! Thank you Holly! We don’t have to agree with people that are different than us but we need to respect one another! Rhetoric does matter and we need to stop the hate! Peace to you my friend and wonderful blessings.

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