In the Wild Wind Down by the Lake


In the wild wind down by the lake today, my hat blew off

and flew away, while the Mallard snickered

and the heron smiled silently.

I know he smiled

he was holding back a laugh.

I saw him with my own eyes,

no really, I did.


Poetry and All Images © Copyright 2019, ancient skies


Earth Day 2019


And the sins of the fathers are being visited on us their children,

while the Earth continues to be ripped and torn,

I can’t help but think of the people lost,

swept away by storms,

from the changes in our air,

as dark clouds still gather

while ignorant bullies hide

their head in the sand,

lacking even a speck

of empathy.

How many more people

will be lost?


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies