In These Mountains


On a tough day, or when I need recovering, you can find me,

or I can find myself again

in these mountains.

You see they have a way,

a miraculous way

of removing bitterness

and fatigue.

20190507_133410Note: These mountains are just 5 minutes from my house.

Poetry and All Images © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

26 thoughts on “In These Mountains

  1. An environment that charges the batteries and gets distance from the worldly challenges. Beautifully expressed, Nico. What a wonderful place you live at.

  2. I live up halfway up a big mountain. It takes 8 minutes to get off the mountain. We are about 10 minutes away from the city. It is so serene in the mountains which have its own whisper. I am pleased you take refuge in the mountains at well and imbibe the serenity as well. Have a god day ( that was a typo but was a message for you) Butterfingers have a way in doing that. Sending healing

  3. Wonderful to live so near nourishment and renewal! My wife and I are blessed in this way as well. Today saw ducks, many birds in song, a squirrel, greeted my old majestic cedar tree friend. Gratitude.

    1. That is beautiful! We often have geese flying over our house. And there’s a hawk that lives nearby. One day he/she flew low, I mean real low at eye level towards me. She was so close as she went by I heard and felt her wings flap, and she looked at me eye to eye. It was amazing!
      Thank you, peace to you and wonderful blessings.

    1. Thank you Riya! These mountains are very close to where I live. I go there often, sometimes to pray. Welcome to my blog! Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

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