Slaying Dragons


What would an angel say if she visited you in the middle of the night? Would she dry your eyes, and wipe your tears?

Nah, she would probably say, “What, the hell are you so afraid of? It’s time to get your boots on, and don’t forget your shield.”

“Pick up that sword you used to carry so well. You need to get your fight on hon, so let’s go!”

“You and I have some dragons to slay……”


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, 2019, ancient skies

44 thoughts on “Slaying Dragons

  1. Yes, I love this! She would tell us to get up and get going! 🙂 and for me……she would tell me to get on the dragon, to go off and conquer my demons.

  2. Yes!!!! The angels’ first words to us always are “Fear not!”, and I love the thought of them fighting alongside us. Beautiful and encouraging post—- Ashleigh

      1. For sure! Taking everything with humor strengthens! Thanks a lot for this wonderful piece of inspiration, Nico. Blessings your way too!

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