393 Million


There are 393 million guns in the United States, not including military and police weapons.

We have more guns here than we have people. For every man, woman, child, and infant…. there is a gun, and more than that.

There are times that police arrive on the scene of a shooting and they are out gunned by the shooter.

Countries such as Britain don’t have mass shootings because they have few guns. It’s simple math really.

Having more guns makes us less safe.

And yet certain Senators continue to block legislation that would help us to be safer.

If you live in the U.S. please let your Congressional representatives and Senators know you want some common sense gun control.

The time is now.


Writing and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

Note: This is a public safety announcement. More poetry is on the way.

31 thoughts on “393 Million

      1. You are right, countries all have their problems and beauty. I have enjoyed my visits to America
        as I have to so many other parts of the world.

      2. Yes I’ve been to Britain, and enjoyed it. I wasn’t thinking anything political at the time but lately I have been. Peace my friend and have a wonderful week.

  1. A few weeks ago I heard about a study made about shootings. The country which made it to the second place with most shootings in its history counted 8 shootings (I don’t remember which country). Number 1 is the US with more than 2000 shootings. I think this says it all.

    1. Yes, sadly it does. Some of us are hoping to change that. I also think we have more hate groups. Am I right Erika that Europe has fewer right wing hate groups? I hope so. Peace my friend.

      1. I don’t know, to be honest. There are still right wing extremist groups forming. Germany had a lot of problems lately with them again. But they are appearing in all German speaking countries. It is so weird when you think that the days of the Nazis were decades before those group members were even born. I don’t know why that hatred is so persistent. I simply don’t know! Peace to you too, dear friend!

  2. Natural human violence is far less effective without guns. I’m in the UK where we have a knife epidemic generally one of two people are killed in an incident. If we wind the clock back to ancient times there was carnage in wars but they were not so devastating.

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