No Choice Really


When America was first wed to her great love Democracy,

the two walked hand in hand after the great feast….

they walked away from tyrants and kings.

And now Democracy is weeping as he considers a divorce,

while servers hide the evidence….

rules and laws vanishing

all to protect the ego

of one man.

“This is not a time for joy, this is very serious…..we have no choice really.”

Nancy Pelosi on the topic of Impeachment.

Poetry and Image Β© Copyright 2019, ancient skies

20 thoughts on “No Choice Really

    1. Yes, definitely! And even if they are unable to remove him from office they need to do all they can. This is serious, and not partisan shenanigans. Well the right is still protecting him and that is shenanigans. Thank you Holly. Peace my friend and blessings.

  1. In Europe, people have been wondering since the last American election, how it at all was possible for that despot to win. Even an American ambassador here has said, that she didn’t understand, why people here don’t like him and she is not a new one.
    Unfortunately there have been elected several despots around in our world for the last years. I just hope, that the people who elected them will wake up in time, before it is too late, Nicodemas.

    1. Thank you Irene! Hilary actually got more votes from the people and still lost! A lot of people didn’t like Hilary though and painted her corrupt. And now there are even more actions by the far right, especially the president that are illegal and corrupt. We are praying here though for a better outcome in 2020. Peace my friend and wonderful blessings.

  2. I truly hope that Congress does the right thing here. If it was enough to impeach a president who had a brief affair with an intern, then this should not even be debated. So much has been left as a turn of a cheek phrase, but the division of this country, and the world at large, it all paints a rather horrid picture. It reminds me of the old tale of a frog slowly boiling to death in water.

    1. Sarah I think you’re exactly right. One side has been trying, but have been blocked by people protecting him. As if he is an idol, and needs to be protected at all costs. It’s because he carries the label of “conservative” and they can’t stand the idea of our country being progressive, like President Obama. Thank you for reading and your insightful comments. Peace and wonderful blessings.

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