Autumn Flowers

20171001_150007 (1)

Flowers in any season will fill her heart,

with thoughts of you,

of being young again,

and the first time,

you came knocking at her door…..


Poetry and All Images © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

25 thoughts on “Autumn Flowers

  1. Oh my goodness, was not expecting a walk back in time when I clicked on your post! My husband and I have been together 24 years and this just so darn sweet. Put me right back in the moment when he and I first met. Very cool. Thank you.

      1. That’s awesome!! My parents are at 52 years and my dad’s parents celebrated 73 years before my grandpa passed away. Let’s hear it for the big numbers, ha ha!!

      2. What a beautiful thing to say, thank you Jessica! I’ve been thinking about it for years so the answer is yes but not yet. When I retire from my job I will have more time. 🙂 Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

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