He Surrendered His Dragon


He surrendered his dragon as the huge beast bowed at her feet. Her long brown hair flowed behind her

and down her her long white gown trailing in the wind. But she was far from a damsel in distress. A true warrior,

her royalty was the strength of nations. As she gently laid down her shield, she knew he was worthy.

He dismounted and his first line was, “Love does give us the strength……and the courage……to find who we truly are.”

And so it all began….


Writing and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

Note: Did you know I write fiction too?

30 thoughts on “He Surrendered His Dragon

    1. Thank you Pam! Originally it was just this one but I have several requests now for the story to continue! So I will! It will take a couple of days though. Peace and wonderful blessings.

      1. Apologies that I don’t comment more. I try to follow everyone who follows me, and it gets a bit overwhelming at times. But you have a very good blog. I always feel the positivity here and everywhere I find your comments.

        Have a blessed day.

  1. good morning nicodemas,

    i hope u r well my friend. and, i hope ur wife is as well of course!

    i just had to reach to share after just this moment reading ur beautiful post to say i was so uplifted….until i read the very last line, asking me if i knew u wrote fiction as well! i love ur work so much nicodemas, even tho i dont reach as often as i should to thank u for ur inspiration to say strong as i continue to hold hope for just that kind of fantstical beautiful fairy tale like stuff really truly existing in our very human world. but it always moves me. this mornings made me a bit sad tho…even tho i understand the world needs fantasy sometimes to stay in that world as well. In the most beautiful world, I continue to keep faith they can all co-exist together simultaneously. And i thank u for ur continued help to remind me of such beauty – wherever we choose to look for it.

    Sending you, &ur wife, well wishes & love,


    1. Tia your comments are such a wonderful blessing, thank you so much! Thank you too for your participation here, and I’m grateful for the times you do stop by. Peace and be wonderfully blessed.

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