Perfect Weather


Winter cracked open the sky today, letting loose a little snow

and a whole lot of wind, ripping

through the pine trees.

The perfect weather

for snuggling down,

and reading some poetry



Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

27 thoughts on “Perfect Weather

  1. I rose early to tend to the final rites in my gardens……snipping things, plucking away dead blooms, pick-up-twigs, deadheading, securing plants, spreading hay and mulch.

    Worrying over several late bloomers like the Budelia. I consider the shocking behavior of two bearded iris in full bloom in November. What to do with these anarchists?

    A bee follows as I cart off the last of the rosebuds which were almost frozen last night. Ladybugs burrow in the garden cart detritus looking for warmth.

    Sunset, everyone has been tended to, Fall foods fed. A final prayer for each hybrid, each perennial, all the species to have a lovely sleep during the long frigid winter.

    “The temperature”, a man on the TV says solemnly, “will be twenty-one degrees tonight.”

    Dear Gardens, I’ll see you in the Spring.

      1. Your poem inspired me to the thoughts. In fact, I like the garden reverie so much I think will turn it into a longer piece. Thank you for the inspiration.

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