The Sense of Quiet


Somehow in the snow, there’s a flow within us, as if the silence covers over the noise of this world,

releasing our inner person to finally feel our mystical bond with the created Earth, with the spirit we’ve all been given.

In the quietness, actually snow does make a sound, if you listen very carefully,

but the sense of quiet holds a unique peace like nothing else, that touches us deeply. Oneness.

Perhaps that is the most amazing thing about snow……

we truly sense the wholeness of who we are, and how…..we fit into this world.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2019, ancient skies

Note: We’ve had very little snow but it has been grey for weeks, and cold.

32 thoughts on “The Sense of Quiet

    1. Thank you Anna so much! Yes I grew up close to nature, and spent alot of time in the woods. I think nature draws many people closer to God. Peace my friend and wonderful blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. Wow, that were such gentle yet deep thoughts about snow. I never thought of it but it is so true. Each snowflake is totally unique and still, once it falls on the ground it clasps hands with the other snowflakes. What a great analogy to who we are.

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