My Number One Blogging Secret


Well it’s not really a secret, but my number 1 blogging tip is simply, invest in other people, other blogger’s posts.

By investing I mean reading the posts in our readers. I do often leave comments too, simply to encourage others, the way I’ve been encouraged over the years.

That’s really what blogging is about. We share our work with each other and encourage each other. I so wish I could follow more of you!

Those that I do follow, your work is amazing! Thank you for being who you are, and for being part of my blogging experience.

Thank you for reading!

Writing and Image Β© Copyright 2020, ancient skies

65 thoughts on “My Number One Blogging Secret

  1. Thank you for that encouragement. I hope to do the same thing for others as you are. Check out my blog if you have time. Appreciate you!

  2. That is the secret of blogging indeed or what blogging is about. The interaction makes us connect with each other and that is how we make friends. It shows our appreciation and we give something back we get. It is time-consuming but it simply is part of blogging… and it is so inspiring. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration, your visits, and the blessings you are wishing us every time.

    1. Thank you Erika, I’m humbled and encouraged by your comments! You have been a great blessing to so many of us. Peace my friend and be wonderfully blessed. You and your family.

      1. I am very happy and thankful that I can be here with so many wonderful souls. There is so much I receive from our friends and you are amongst those on the forefront. Thank you so much and big hugs your way, Nico 😊

  3. You summed it up well! It is all aboit the people and I am so thankful that you blog and that I can be touched by the words on your blog. Blessings to you!

    1. First thank you so much! It can be…..but sometimes it is simply the circumstances of life. I take breaks once in awhile. So don’t be discouraged. Peace and may you have a wonderful blogging experience!

  4. Yeah… I fell way behind… on doing anything… and my blog has suffered immensely… just wanted to say thanks for reading my posts and not losing faith in the power of words… you are a real hero… keep up the amazing work… hope all is well…

  5. What you say about mutual support and inspiration resonates for me. Following other bloggers has greatly influenced my photography and willingness to write.
    Wishing you much inspiration in this new year

  6. Thanks for the advice, being epileptic and on meds you explained it better than the support teamπŸ˜‚

  7. I’ve made some good friends through my blog. I enjoy making connection all over the world, especially with kindred spirits and fellow word crafters. Even if you are trying to sell a book or product, you must start with making authentic connections with others. Find your tribe. Offer support, advice, humor, cheer and comfort to others. Do more the “like”, too. Say what you like!

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