My Second Biggest Blogging Secret


Well, if you didn’t see my biggest blogging secret, it wasn’t really a secret, but it was to invest in other bloggers!

Spend time at other sites that interest you. So, now for my second biggest secret! Well it’s not really a secret either!

I try to bring hope and encouragement with much of my work. Let’s face it, we all need encouragement sometimes!

So I use terms such as “wordflow”, “spirit” etc. as a way of reflecting a positive life force,

and maybe even some healing. Poetry infused with nature can also bring healing.

I want my blog to be a positive place making the world a little more beautiful.

Art, and writing, and photography can do that! So now you know my 2 biggest blogging secrets.

I wish you all peace!

P.S. I think I’ve discovered a good writing plan/schedule. And sometimes you will see some adventurous fiction!


Writing and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

35 thoughts on “My Second Biggest Blogging Secret

  1. Nico, I can whole-heartedly confirm that your blog is a place of light and inspiration. I love coming over and filling my being with a fresh breeze of encouragement, comfort, and gratitude. Thank you!!

  2. I’ve always felt positivity, hope and encouragement in your words Nico and I absolutely love your writings and photography dedicated to nature 🙂
    Keep blogging!

      1. Peace and blessings to you and your wife also, Nico.
        (I’m slowly trying to get caught up with your blog and others. Sorry for being so far behind. Your voice on WP is precious to all.)

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