In the Power of Green

20160709_140126In the power of green filling the leaves

a new strength, born again

a healing of our spirits,

an assurance

that no sickness is forever

that life runs deep

and strong within each

of our frames, even more

than the forest decorated

with oak and poplar trees.

It is spring, after all.

Hope and power, both together.


Poetry and Image Β© Copyright 2020, ancient skies

32 thoughts on “In the Power of Green

    1. Thank you Anna for your wonderful compliments and blessings! I’m humbled and blessed. Sometimes I write poems for all of us. Peace my friend and wonderful blessings.

  1. Wow, this is very uplifting for such a dreary time. Today it is sunny and warm and I don’t have much desire to be outdoors. Some of that is that I am not with people who care about me. I will head home tomorrow so in a few days perhaps I will feel the tranquility of spring.

  2. Yes, it is spring, the season which has the ability to make us feel the power of life again. Wishing you and your wife a lot of powerful spring vibes, Nico.

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