Hope this Spring


We do not have to travel far to discover

hope this spring,

to become alive again,

as the earth awakens

and each flower gently

opens their petals

with the encouragement

of the sun.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

27 thoughts on “Hope this Spring

  1. It is stunning how uplifting and life-filling the sun is these days. I just said to my husband that the fact that we are having spring during the lockdown is very positive support these days. I think dealing with everything would have been worse if it was November or December…

    1. Spot on, Erika!! Its just lightening here now after at least two days of gloom. Normally I dont mind a good cloudy or rainy day, but these are abnormal times to say the least. The sun is a huge blessing!!

      1. Hi, Chrissy! Yes, I totally hear you! Winter is back for a few days after we had an early spring. That made me think of it. At least the light is definitely ahead. As you said, the sun is a huge blessing and keeps the mind uplifted. Stay safe, dear Chrissy 💖

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