May Peace Flow in All of Our Hearts


I’ve been writing alot lately about the oceans. The oceans can fill us with their depth, their calmness and strength.

And they are endless, inspiring us, encouraging us that everything will be ok.

And spring is bringing us new life. The earth is renewing herself, and us so beautifully.

Rivers are also wonderfully capable of filling our hearts.

Even though I enjoy writing in many genres, now is not the time.

We all need hope, courage, strength and encouragement, just to make it through day by day.

May peace flow in all of our hearts.



Poetry and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

Note: Keep fighting, and stay healthy.

27 thoughts on “May Peace Flow in All of Our Hearts

  1. When I read your words, I noticed that I too just posted water and I remember that many others are doing this too, lately. I don’t know if I only perceive it that way or is there really a higher number of such shares? Maybe we do need the energy of the water or its message more these days. However, I agree, the ocean has such an energetic power as also rivers or creeks do have. Just a different kind of character.

    1. Yes I have noticed alot of oceans posted lately. Perhaps we all seek a connection with our planet, with the depth of perceived infinity, in these very stressful times. I’m grateful for how we can encourage one another in the blogosphere. Peace my friend and wonderful blessings.

      1. It was conspicuous indeed. And I can agree with your feeling about it. First I wanted to post one of my favorite ocean photos but decided for the waterfall… water anyway. So, this is very interesting. Peace to you too and great blessings!

  2. Thanks for the post! I think especially in such turbulent times like right now, it’s a great reminder to look at the world around us, from the oceans to the coming of spring, and remember that God’s power still at work around us. Lovely writing.

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