The Beauty and Power of Spring


I’ve always been amazed by spring breaking

the barrenness of moonlight,

shadows falling

to the beauty

of the many shades of green,

and even the light and power

of one single flower,

and how despair is always defeated,

in the spring.

Isn’t that amazing?


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

17 thoughts on “The Beauty and Power of Spring

  1. Beautiful! Love spring as well! I love how you said despair is always defeated in the spring. That is so true and it can be a metaphor how when you are going through a challenging time that there is always good to look forward to ❤

  2. “and even the light and power

    of one single flower,” – yes…. yes yes yes. Flowers have brought me so much comfort these days! Another wonderful poem and reminder of spring’s beauty.

  3. Just stunning, Nico! Your composition with the hues and shades of greens, the grasses, and then of course this beautiful pink flower along with your words, breathtaking!! Thank you so much for this post! xo

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