Strength to Each Other


In times of crises our eyes search through our masks,

for safety, for strength

with our hearts longing to feel the surge

of our common humanity 

to no longer feel alone,

so we write,

we draw

and paint,

and photograph,

to encourage ourselves

and to give strength

to each other.

Because that’s who we are,

it’s what makes us



Poetry, and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

35 thoughts on “Strength to Each Other

      1. I wrote an email to WP support, Nico, and even though I did not receive a reply, my notifications are now working. I am so sorry you are experiencing this because it is so frustrating! I hope in return you get this email! I encourage you to write an email as well. Good luck!! xo

      2. Darn it! It was right the first time around! Don’t mind me, Nico. Now you understand how frazzled I had been with this problem! Good luck!

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