Today in the Rain


Today as I walked I carried my umbrella shielding myself from the sky, a light rain,

and puddle splashing, in my old tennis shoes, that I really should throw away,

and I realized, I needed to maintain my peace, a sense of purpose and strength.

It really is difficult to watch the brutality and insanity of the far right…..

but I needed to let the grief and anger go……in spite of the numbers increasing, in spite of them denying science,

I can choose to be descended from the sky and birthed by the ocean….and besides,

those that live in darkness and leather are nothing more really…..

than spoiled children craving power and attention.

May we win our battle with the endless peace witnessed by the earth, and sky and oceans, flowing strong within us…..

against the rage of insanity.


Writing and Image Β© Copyright 2020, ancient skies

39 thoughts on “Today in the Rain

    1. Yes John the far right. Like those in Michigan that stormed the state Capitol intimidating with guns and screaming at police officers, like the people that pushed a park ranger into a lake when he was explaining to them the need to wear a mask, like the leader of Brazil that said, “So what? What do you want me to do about it?” When asked about people dying in his country from the virus. Then there are places opening up too soon, even compared to White House guidelines. There are many other examples I could give. And the far right is brutal in other ways……like the rally in Charlottesville Va. A woman died there. I could write alot more.

  1. There may always be “those” but it is wonderful, uplifting, encouraging, and motivating that there are the others too. Others like you, Nico!

  2. this is so wonderful and it resonates with everything i’ve been feeling for so long!!
    i have a daily blog on the weather in my city and for the past few days i’ve been lamenting about how we haven’t had rains in so long.
    this makes me feel so good. :))

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