An Iris or Two


Today an Iris instead of a virus, the beauty of nature bringing healing to our hearts and minds.

And the only thing better than an Iris, is more than one.


Poetry, and All Images © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

Note: I find my work being alot more simple lately. Maybe sometimes poetry is too complicated. 

35 thoughts on “An Iris or Two

  1. Beautiful! I used to have Irises but they became so out of control I got rid of them. Those rhizomes are extremely hard not only to divide but to dig up. Blessings, Nico. xo

    1. Thank you Julie! Because of the cool weather we’re having they are just starting to bloom, along with the rhododendron. This is very strange. Peace and wonderful blessings. Happy Super Flower Moon Day!

  2. Beautiful photography and writing as always Mr. N 🙂
    If I may say so, I enjoy all your writing both “simple” and “complex” versions.
    May you, Mrs N and all your family have a blessed day and weekend ahead!

    1. Thank you Takami for your great comments and blessings! I’m encouraged. Peace and wonderful blessings to you and your family. Stay healthy and safe!

  3. That’s wonderful, thank you for sharing. We have many different lilies in the garden and the big favourite, a brown one, is just about to open.

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