“I won’t traffic in fear and division.”

Joe Biden

You know what? I believe Honest Joe when he says that.

He’s not perfect, and he says that too, in the context of he will take responsibility when he does make a mistake.

Instead of blaming others. I know too he will help this nation heal. He will be picking a woman running mate,

and I’m willing to bet she will be African American.

God, may the healing and restoration begin for our nation, for our world.



Writing and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

17 thoughts on “Restoration

      1. And the world needs it too. Too much was destroyed between the States and other countries and even between other countries.

    1. I understand! Joe Biden is not the answer, but he is by far the best option. I like how Colin Powell expressed it recently. We need to have a different leader. And most likely the next president after Biden will be a woman. Even a moderate Republican like Mitt Romney or Larry Hogan would be fine. I do believe we will move away from the insanity of Trumpism.

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