I Saw the Light


I saw the light of my people, of all people

walking over rugged terrain,

in small towns, in the cities,

sometimes through ruins

marching peacefully

with fire in their hearts,

huge crowds gathering

for their brothers and sisters,

for all people…..

demanding liberty

and justice

for all.


Poetry © Copyright 2020, ancient skies, image from unknown news agency

32 thoughts on “I Saw the Light

    1. He sure did. I think looting was not the heart of the issue though. More of the protests are peaceful now. Thank you David! Peace and wonderful blessings to you.

      1. I wasn’t referring to the looting. I’ m seeing animosity from too many of the so-called “peaceful protesters.” They are screaming epithets and embodying what they are protesting against; hatred.

      2. Ah, I understand now. Well there is anger for sure. But that anger is in many ways justified. Would you be peaceful if your people were beaten and killed for 400 hundred years? I don’t think so. They have a right to be angry. Violence no, protesting peacefully yes. If you can’t see that – then that is part of the issue. I wish you peace.

      3. I was remembering the demonstrations that MLK led in the sixties. The demonstrators were referred to as “Marchers.” The marched quietly, with their heads held high, carrying signs about the abolition of segregation, equal rights, and equal protection under the law.

        It was so beautiful the way King did it, like Ghandi. And those demonstrations were EFFECTIVE. They changed the fabric of our society. Those days are gone now, but still…

      4. Yes they were done extremely well, and our society has changed for sure. However some protestors say we tried that peaceful way and look what’s happening! It didn’t take away racism and violence in men’s hearts.

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