Writer’s Wings


Even when I’m folding my wings I’m very aware

of the wordflow waiting…

phrases seeking

another river,

another poem

from within my heart.


I’m grieving like many of you over the deadly racism in the United States.

Do we have a right to criticize other nations? It’s a sin really from our very beginning.

And I also grieve for how the far-right is ripping us apart. Caring more for their assault rifles than they do for people.

Closer to home my wife needs further treatments for cancer. The last round was not enough.

There will be more aggressive, more invasive treatments and that means more horrible side effects.

And we had a cousin die recently…..from cancer. This was the cousin that had the big family gatherings every year…

for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ve eaten at their home many times. He was in his forties, married with children.

I’ve shared these things because I’ve had the wind knocked out of me like I wrote in yesterday’s poem.

No, I don’t feel a need to stop blogging. I still have plenty of wordflow…….somewhere, but I’m grieving.

I just need some restoration, with my wings folded.


Poetry, Writing and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies

24 thoughts on “Writer’s Wings

  1. Nico, you and your wife will be in my thoughts and prayers. These are hard times for so many….it must be very rough adding cancer to one’s worries.
    Take good care….
    And thank you again for uplifting us all with your beautiful poetry.

  2. Be well. Know there are people who you have touched with your words through their own grief. I pray you are able to use your poetry as a way to reconcile your present. Be well friend.

  3. Oh, Nico, I’ll keep you and your wife in my prayers and I’m so sorry to hear of your cousin’s passing, too. There is so much to become anxious over nowadays, so much to worry about. Your words are beautiful and I really appreciate you visiting my site, and hopefully, taking away some joy (nature joy). Your photos are also always gorgeous. Take care. 💗

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