How I Shape Shifted

Light Streaming

It was a matter of the light of course, I could see more clearly the beauty of our world,

and the value of people so different than I am….amazing colors and heartsongs.

So it was no surprise when I let the shifting begin, I was saying no to so many cultural ideas of doctrines,

and drama…saying no to people blinded by their own ideas, prejudice in so many ways, running through their blood. My own heartsong changed over time.

And that’s really how I became more accepting of people, although certain codes will always be true,

I’m different from who I was, a more benevolent spirit I guess, with a few swirls of silver now.

Hoping and wishing, everyone finds their own wings….and who they truly are.


Poetry, and Image © Copyright 2020, ancient skies


38 thoughts on “How I Shape Shifted

  1. I hear you loud and clear, Nico. It is stunning how the view and attitude change once we begin to look through the eyes of others or simply understand that they have a reason for their attitude. We are all human and each one has its truth.

  2. Ow~ really lovely the way you portrayed how people change us over time … Please have a wonderful day ~💝🙈💕🌸

      1. Indeed it is. We always seem to learn the lessons after we have moved from the area in question and on to a new unknown situation where we start off in the dark again. 🙃❤

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