The Dawn of Crisp Mornings


The refreshing kiss of cooler air,

the dawn of crisp mornings

waiting for the sun,

beginning the season of surrender 

where leaves let go of their green,

to receive the infusion

of a greater glory.

It won’t be long now.


Poem, and Image, Copyright © 2020 ancient skies

37 thoughts on “The Dawn of Crisp Mornings

  1. …beginning the season of surrender… love that line! Fall is my favorite season 🍂🍁 Beautiful poem, has me longing for sweaters and walks through the forest as the leaves fall😍

  2. The end of summer… I always need a while until I can accept summer is coming to an end. But once I do, I enjoy fall so much. Still, it is summer, yay!!

  3. Hello Nico from me. Here in Aussie next month is “Spring” the New Leaves are already appearing. New Life Begins Again! Thank you for sharing your Positive words with us. Many Blessings coming Your way 🙂

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